All About Copper Foil Business Cards

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We know what you’re thinking; in this period of new technologies, real-life business cards? Your company would expand by at least 2.5 per cent with business cards. Business cards are always useful tools to get your details out there, and with the best cards out there, we want to give you a headstart. Exactly what are we talking about? Copper foil business cards! Foil business cards are the solution in this era of mobile devices if you want your card to stand out, visit to find out more about copper foil business cards.  

Copper foil business cards, are they a thing?

The first question that arises is, is it still a thing for business cards so that we can drop our contact details at the drop of a hat? As described earlier, for every 2,000 cards you distribute, these little rectangles will help you raise your company by 2.5 per cent. In real-money words, what does this mean?

For starters, if you make $100,000, selling 2,000 paper-and-ink business cards would bag you in your pocket for an additional $2,500. Put out 4,000, and it is five grand.

What’s the copper foil business cards deal?

Copper foil business cards, but with an amazing twist, are like normal business cards. In the pattern, they add gold or silver foil components. In-text, pictures, or both, and at the surface level, embossed or debossed, you can use foil. The foil component can be printed on nearly any paper, although some work better than others. In our view, a quality document that will balance the quality of your gold-plated company picture is always easier to go for.

Why choose a copper foil business card?

If you want your business cards to make it into the pockets of 12% of customers, you need a card that captivates them. The most efficient one-to-one marketing tool, after all, is copper foil business cards. Since you never know where your next potential customer will meet you, why limit yourself to working hours? Hey, with copper foil business cards, you can grab new customers while you’re on vacation! A coloured copper foil business cards hang around ten times longer than a plain one. So, to be sure to make the elusive 12 per cent, you need to up your game and upgrade your customer experience.

Offer your consumers superior copper foil business cards embossed in foil that will scream affluence, luxury, and efficiency. Business card is supposed to be reflection of your organization, so think about what they’re going to say.

Where do you use your business cards with foil stamps?

If the solution is everywhere, is it a trick question?! When they’re written, guarantee that you still have a stack of copper foil business cards with you. For passing out your calling cards, trade shows, festivals, and gatherings are all prime places.For more information visit our website