Comparison Between Slurry Valves And Knife Gate Valves

Even though the function of all the valves have almost the same purpose which is to regulate the flow of water but there are slight differences among them and it is these differences which allow different types of liquids or semi liquids to move through them. A regular valve cannot push a thick liquid to flow and a special valve for slurries cannot regulate the movement of a fine liquid. Basically; valve is a mechanical device that is fitted in the mid way of the pipeline systems to regulate the movement of liquid and to prevent the mixing of different types of liquids. Although; there are various kinds of valves but we will only be discussing about the comparison between the two such kinds of valves; which are slurry valves and knife gate valves. 

Slurry valves:

Let us first understand about slurries before directly discussing about the slurry valves in australia. Slurry is basically a semi-liquid material that has the number of solid particles embedded in it. These particles include cement, manure and coal like substances. All of these substances are embedded in water which ultimately forms a semi-liquid texture. The purpose of adding them in water is to allow the smooth flow of transportation of these materials from one end to another. When this slurry is passed through pipelines for various purposes like construction of buildings or any other such project then they often get stuck in midway because of different reasons. To give the required pressure to this slurry; a valve is installed in the midways named as slurry valve. It is this valve which not only enforces enough pressure to move the slurry through pipeline but also regulates its movement.

Knife gate valves:

Knife gate valves are named as such because they have the sharp blade like structure installed in them. There are different series of this type of valve including KGH knife valve series, KH knife valve series and so on. The function of this type of valves is to make sure that only finely chopped particles are passing through the pipeline and if any heavy component or clog is detected then the blades of the knife gate valves crush them to the tiny pieces. Most of the time; paper pulp has been seen as the major form of clogging component.


Valve is the mechanical device whose function is to regulate the movement of liquid passing through the pipeline systems. There are different types of valves that have different functions. Two such types are named as slurry valves and knife gate valves. The former type of valves is used to regulate the motion of semi-liquid or slurries through the pipelines and the later type is used for the crushing of any clogging component in the pipelines. “Hy performance valves” Is known as one of the best stores that sells different type of valves. All of the valves that they sell are of great quality be it the slurry valves or the knife gate valves.