The Rugged Look For Men Are Coming Back

Men of yesteryear lived rugged lives. They had to be hands on when doing things as they had no one else to fend for them, unlike the modern day hipsters who run to their parents. They had to take care of business, and that sometimes meant getting in to fights or building something with their bare hands. The men of this era were pictured in plaid shirts and rugged jeans and having real beards. The look was not subtle it was masculine and that is something most men aspire to be still. So let’s look at how the modern man can be stylish as well as masculine with the attire they wear.

The 21st century man

Of course now days the challenges faced by men are far different to their forefathers, however since he is the alpha he is still physically masculine, which means his attire should suite this notion. His wardrobe should be flexible and versatile giving him room to be who he is. There should not be unnecessary frills and other additions that will disrupt his work and his behaviour. A drizabone vest is a good example of the functional type work wear today’s men can wear. To be the leader or man in charge, you need to make sure that you look the part as well. Therefore modern day rugged man must strike a balance between functional clothing and style. The clothes he wears should not be too tight to be restrictive neither should they be too baggy and loose. Therefore striking this balance is the key to looking masculine as well as a gentleman

Creating the style

To get this look, one must look to no frills attached clothing for men such as work wear that will include leather boots, tweed trousers or jackets from a drizabone sale. Military type clothing built for the outdoors is also a good place to start. When it comes to patterns and colours it is a good thing to look for hunting gear patterns or even military style prints. These all add to creating that rugged man look. Being rugged also means playing the part; therefore don’t go running off to change clothing as soon as there is a small tear or wrinkles. Adapting the frayed look is also part of the masculine culture. Here holes in your jeans and minor wear and tear on your clothing only adds to the whole manliness, therefore don’t shy away from it.
Therefore as you can see, the masculine look is simple to pull off and it can even be cheaper. But do not try to mix this look with skinny jeans or body hugging t shirts as they will not go well to gather at all.